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Yampa Valley High School

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School Mission: 
The Yampa Valley High School provides a healthy, respectful and supportive learning environment that promotes cooperation and personal interaction among students and teachers in order to facilitate individual growth and academic achievement. 

The Yampa Valley High School serves students who are seeking an alternative learning environment that can better meet their personal and educational goals. Our school facilitates a supportive learning community that respects all individuals and their overall well-being. Critical thinking, collaboration and self-direction are the foundations of YVHS's academic system and serve to provide our students with the skills and abilities that will promote a successful and happy life. 

The admission process into YVHS includes an application and student interview.

More detailed information about YVHS can be found in our student handbook.

325 7th Street  Steamboat Springs, CO 80487    970-871-3299   Fax: 970-879-3943

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