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The Yampa Valley High School is a School of Choice in the Steamboat Springs School District and is open to Routt County high school aged students seeking an alternative style of education. Limited enrollment is available and students are expected to value their opportunity by following attendance, academic, and behavior policies. If a student chooses to not follow the school’s policies, they may be dismissed from the program.  

We have a formal admissions process that includes an application and student interview. Any high school aged student living in Routt county is encouraged to apply for admission.
YVHS has a rolling admissions policy and accepts students into the program at the beginning of each new academic quarter in August, October, January and March. (See yearly academic calendar for exact start dates.)
A successful applicant for YVHS must demonstrate the required levels of performance for admission. These include previous demonstration of academic engagement, prior satisfactory attendance , no significant behavior issues (expulsion or multiple suspensions) and a genuine desire to engage in one’s education and graduate from high school.

Admissions Process

The admissions process is completed in 5 steps:

  1. Meet and Tour with Principal – This is required for both the student and their parent/guardian. A brief tour of the school will be provided followed by a meeting when questions about the program will be answered by the Principal. A student handbook and application will be provided at this meeting.
  2. Submission of Application – Both student and parent portions of the application must be completed. Once the application is submitted, an interview will be scheduled. The application may be submitted at the time of the initial meeting with the Principal.
  3. Transcript Review – This allows the School Counselor and Principal to review the student’s most current transcript to evaluate specific credit needs and determine a perspective graduation timeline.
  4. Student Interview – The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes and is an opportunity for the student and YVHS staff to meet and discuss the student’s current academic, attendance, and behavior performance and discuss future goals. Interview questions will be provided to the student prior to the interview. Parents are invited to meet with YVHS staff at the end of the interview when the the student’s perspective graduation timeline will be reviewed.   
  5. Notification of Admission – We do our best to notify applicants of our admission decision within 24 hours of their interview.  If a student is not admitted into the program, they are encouraged to reapply in the future when they have better demonstrated the required levels of performance for admission.