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Three Year Course Rotation Schedule



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3



Geometry Data & Statistics
Language Arts* Listening, Speaking, Information/Literary Writing, American Literature Developing Arguments, Persuasive Writing, Non-fiction texts Research skills, research writing, World literature
Science Chemistry Physical Science Biology
Social Studies American History Psychology and Economics World History

CASEL (Always includes academic planning and portfolio building)

Personal Finance
Executive Function
Substance use

Career exploration
College/Training exploration

Workplace readiness 
Healthy relationships
Communication Skills

Electives Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Rotates Health Education and Rotates Civics and Rotates



*Most 9-12th grade standards are addressed annually;  The language arts rotation includes an emphasis on the identified standards

Teacher facilitated elective possibilities: P.E., Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Anatomy/Physiology, Forensics, Sociology, Ancient History, Native American Studies, Speech/Debate, Art, Mythology, Music Appreciation/Music History, Geography, Civics, Business Math, Business Writing (All students who haven’t earned 0.5 credits in Civics are required to take the course when offered as an elective)

  • Integration of literacy skills into all courses, including career connected learning experiences

  • Skills based interventions

  • Project Based Learning

  • Advising on academic and career pathways

  • Executive functioning friendly school and course design

  • Trauma informed and restorative practices focused school culture

  • Senior Capstone that provides transition support to postsecondary plans

  • Focus on attendance with 70% attendance needed to pass courses